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Barbie packaged

Some parent do the craziest things for their children. 

This one woman thinks that a Barbie Photo Booth idea is great for her daughters’ B-day. The truth is it’s so scary that someone would comfortably put their kids in a box to look like a new Barbie on the market.


Her call was met with this response from another woman showing off her slender fitting box design with plastic wrapping as well. See below.image

I get claustrophobic just looking at it.

It worries me that women would want to put their girls through this, but I don’t think these parents are paying much attention to the fact that Barbie is an exemplar of a type of girl and woman-hood that has become a real expectation of women… and that image of a girl packaged drives home the reality that girls and women are objects and products to be bought and sold… girl trade.

I can’t find much good to say about Barbie, but ladies, she doesn’t need to be in a box. Let the girls be free Barbies at least.

I can’t recall hearing parents who would put their boys in a spiderman box package. So why should the girls be all packed up and dolled up? 


Iloobia up to his old animated tricks again, this time with some of Orkibal’s characters. Go check our Stickerbomb facebook page >


Future Oriental Octopus Clan… I like

I am yet to find someone who actually knows where I have come from. “Trinidad and Tobago” is just as confusing as “the Caribbean.” So I have become African, Jamaican, or American (which includes anywhere in the Americas, as it should)